To View Your Batch Reports in NMI, please follow these steps.

1. Once logged into your NMI merchant portal, select the "Transaction Reports" module on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. The Transaction Snapshot section located at the top of the screen will already be displaying "Settlement Batch," (no need to adjust) select your "Start & End Date."

Note: The "Calendar" icon to the right of the start and end date fields can serve as an expedited search filter to cycle through the following options:
Today, This Week, This Month, etc.

4. Once you have selected your search range, select the green "Submit" button to display your "Settlement Batch Reports."

5. To view the batch report details, you will need to find the appropriate batch report and select the blue "Magnifying Glass" icon on the left-hand side of the date in the corresponding row. 

6. When prompted with the drop-down menu, select "View These transactions."

7. You can then select any "Hyperlink ID" in blue associated with any transaction in the batch to view the report details further.

7. Your transaction details will appear as so.