How to Void a Transaction/Donation.

Overview: This walkthrough will cover how to void/refund a transaction/donation made by a donor.

Note: If you wish to void a transaction while using Tilled, you will need to wait for your account to batch out and settle before refunding a transaction. Preferably the next day.

1. While on your Dashboard Screen, select the "Fundraising" tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Next, select the "Reports" option in the dropdown menu.

3. Below Reports, select "Transactions" to access your donation log.

4. While on your transactions page, find and select the donation in question and select the blue "Options' button.

5. In the drop-down menu select "Void."

Note: In order to void a transaction, you will need to wait until your account batches out for the day. The best practice is to wait 24 hours before voiding/refunding a transaction.

6. You will then be prompted with a new window that requires confirmation on the void. If you are sure you wish to void the transaction, select "Yes.".

Note: If you experience an issue with the voiding process, you have not waited long enough for the transaction to batch out and settle with the processor.

Important: All donor information has been hidden to protect their privacy and information.