How to Change/Update A User's Password.

Overview: This walkthrough will cover how to update a user password via the Master Settings.

1. While on your Dashboard Screen, select the “Master Settings” tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Next, select “Users” which will appear in the drop-down menu below Master Settings.

3. On the right-hand side of your screen will list the current users who have access to your portal.

4. To edit an existing account password, you will need to find the row associated with your name and select the blue “Options” button on the right-hand side of your name/screen.

5. Next select "Edit" to begin updating your user credentials.

6. Fill out all required fields and be sure to select the blue “Save” button once you have confirmed your credentials. 

Important: All donor information has been hidden to protect their privacy and information.