How to Access Receipts:

Overview: This walkthrough will walk you through how to access your receipts via your Donor log

1. While logged into your Admin dashboard select the "Fundraising" module.

2. Next, select the "Donors" tab in the drop-down menu.

3. You will now be prompted with your Donors page.

Search Option A: You can select the "Advance Search" block to expand your search criteria. and infill the name, date, or other parameters needed to track your donor/transaction.

Search Option A Cont...

Search Option B: You can also type in the name of the donor in the search field.

4. Once you find the donor you are searching for, select the blue "Hyperlinked Name" of that donor to navigate to their profile. 

For this example we will be using the user Jamie Walker.

5. Once the user profile appears, find and select the "Transactions" tab on the top right-hand side of your screen.

6. You will then be prompted with that user's transaction logs. To view a receipt you simply need to select the blue "View Receipt" button associated with the date of the transaction needed.

7. Your receipt will then appear giving you the option to "Download," "Print," or "Email."

Important: All donor information has been hidden to protect their privacy and information.