Article Topics

  • 12.3 - Transaction (Purchase) was "Not Approved"
  • 12.4 - Processing Transaction Issues
  • 12.5 - Gateway Login Failed
  • 12.6 - Shipping Error at Checkout

12.3 - Transaction (Purchase) was "Not Approved"


When a transaction is not approved, it means that the purchaser’s card issuer (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) has declined the transaction. The information that we get back from the card company is vague, so we cannot offer the purchaser specifics on why their transaction was declined. 

Common reasons for a transaction not being approved

A) The transaction was flagged for fraud. If the transaction falls outside the normal transaction history for the cardholder, the card company may flag it.

B) Insufficient funds

C) Expired card 


The best course of action is for the cardholder to call the number on the back of the card to find out why the transaction was not approved.  

12.4 - Processing Transaction Issues


A customer clicks Submit to complete their order or purchase, and the Processing Transaction notification appears, but nothing else happens. 

Under normal circumstances, the transaction would process, and the customer would proceed to the “Success Page”



Likely Causes:

A. There is an issue with the Gateway credentials. Double-check the gateway credentials in Keeper, and then try running a transaction yourself to see if you can replicate the error.

B. There is a database issue, so the transaction is not even making the connection to the gateway. You can verify this by logging into Paytrace and clicking Integrations then API Logs. If there are no errors in the API logs, then the checkout is not hitting the gateway. If it is a database issue, then Tier 3 support will need to get involved to resolve. A bug ticket will need to be submitted.

12.5 - Gateway Login Failure


Payment Error: Login Failed



Check the API credentials as this would be the only cause for this error.

Likely Causes:

A. The username or password was miskeyed. Check the Password in Keeper to verify and correct if necessary. 

B. The Password was updated in the Gateway but not in the Store Payment Settings. To resolve, reset the password in the Gateway and add the new password to the Store Payment Settings. 

Make sure to test the checkout process to verify that it is working.

12.6 - Shipping Error at Checkout


A customer has entered their shipping and billing information on the checkout page, but the Payment Information is not loading where they can enter their payment information.  



This is an issue that you will want to try to replicate. It is important to find out details of the transaction that the customer was attempting to process. 

The most likely culprit is that checkout is unable to calculate a shipping price or a recommended shipping option. At checkout, shipping looks at the product being ordered, the quantity of the product, and the weight of the product to calculate a shipping price. If the purchaser has a weight in their cart that is outside of what is set up in the “Shipping Settings”, the calculation will fail. 

A simple fix is to adjust the weight in the Shipping Settings to accommodate the order size. A best practice for our clients is to always plan for the best and worst-case scenario on shipping, and then adjust as you learn and develop a baseline.