Article Topics

  • 12.0 - Store Overview
  • 12.1 - Purchasing a Product
  • 12.2 - Adding a Downloadable and Non-Downloadable Product in the Same Cart

12.0 - Store Overview

There are two types of Products available:

1. Downloadable products are those products that can be downloaded, such as Soundtracks, and require no shipping charges.

2. Non-Downloadable products are those products that cannot be downloaded and do require shipping charges, such as Merchandise.

Let’s see how to add products to the cart and how shipping works!

12.1 - Purchasing a Product

1. When you find a product you want to purchase, select the product and choose the size and quantity. Click "Add to Cart" to purchase the product:

2. You may see a pop-up window like this that confirms your addition to the cart. You can either "Check Out" or "Continue Shopping." When you are ready to checkout, simply select the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Note:  Selecting the "Check out" will take you to the Shipping and Billing screen. Fill out your details to either "Create Account" or "Login" if you have credentials.

3. Select "Continue" when you are finished:

4. Next, enter your billing information. If you check the box for "Copy Shipping Information," it will automatically fill the same information you provided for shipping. 

5. Once all fields are filled out, select "Continue".

6. Enter your credit card information, check the box to "Accept the Terms and Conditions" for this purchase, and select "Check Out" to finish the transaction.

12.2 - Adding a Downloadable and Non-Downloadable Product in the Same Cart

In a case where you add a Downloadable and Non-Downloadable product in the same cart, there will be shipping charges added to the product for the Non-Downloadable product only.

Now, Let’s See from Where to Add the Downloadable and Non- Downloadable Products in Your Website Dashboard.

1. In the module menu on the left-hand side of your screen in the dashboard, select the "E-commerce" module > Catalog > Product List,  and select Add New Product.

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