Our goal with the Reason Funding Donate Pages was to make it as simple as possible for you to create a new donate page without having to know HTML or rely on someone else to do it for you. 

To create a new donate page nvaigate to Fundraising>Donate Pages. 

Your are now at the Donate Page list. This is where you can locate all of your active donate pages. To create a new donate page simply click the "Create New" button and follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Name Your Donation Page

Create a URL for donation page (don't use funky characters. Here is example: online-giving)

If this is your default donate page select “yes”. If not select “no”

Choose the fund or funds for your donate page

Click Submit and Next

Step 2

Upload your logo (recommended size 133x75)

Select the header color background

*If you want to add links to the top of your donate page choose a header link color

Select the Primary Design Color (this is the pimrary color that will be used throughout the donate page)

Select the Hover Color

Select the Button Text Color

Enter your donate page Intro Title

Enter your donate page Message (this is where you convince people to donate)

Enter the Donate Button Amounts

Select your footer color

Select your footer text color

Enter a message or slogan to include in your footer

Add the links to your social media pages

Enter Right side bar text in the next 3 fields

Click Save Draft and then Next

Step 3

Choose if you want your logo or text to be displayed on the Success Page

Upload a Thank You image

Enter your Thank You message

Enter your Signature

Upload a Facebook Share image

Enter a Facebook Share Heading

Enter a Facebook Share Description

Click Save Draft and Finish